The best backyard toys for your kids

For those of us who want to get our kids off TV and get outside for some fun out in the sun, there are plenty of backyard toys we could for our little tykes. Outdoor play is filled with opportunities for our children to jump, climb, run and laugh so they can make the most of the sun’s free Vitamin D and develop their young muscles. The kinds of toys we can go for include:


Rides for kids who have a need for speed


ba2There’s a large variety of rideable toys that kids can enjoy out in the yard. The first thing we need to look into when checking out ride-it toys is safety. The ride-it toy should be engineered to support the full weight of the young rider, so we should look at the weight capacity of the item. The dimensions should also be enough for our child to sit comfortably while riding. There should be secure handles to hold on to. If the ride-it toy is the replica of a vehicle, the young rider should be able to steer it easily. We can choose from rechargeable toys or manual ones. Battery-powered ride-it toys should provide decent battery life. We should pay attention to recalled products in this category to ensure our children’s safety. Some toys in this category are completely free of gears, pedals and batteries so the child propels it by simply turning the steering wheel back and forth. The ride-it toy should move at a pace that is exciting to a child but not too fast for a parent to run after in case the rider needs help.


Play centers for plenty of activities


ba3There is a large array of play centers of various designs on the market. We can choose wooden ones that are exceptionally sturdy and strong and can last for years. The high price may be a turn off at first but if we consider the play value and the durability, we can be sure these types of toys can last for years. There are inflatable play centers too, but we’ll have to make sure the material used in their construction is free of toxic substances. The inflatable play center can have crawl-throughs, lookout towers and more, with enough room for kids to move about. Some even come with an open play area where kids can have some splashing fun when filled with water, slide down on and more.


Inflatable toys


ba4Play Balls make fantastic outdoor toys because of the immense fun factor they can give. We can choose from zorb balls or inflatable water balls if we have the real estate to support their use (large lawn or swimming pool). Some inflatable balls are designed as bumper balls.




Playground and sports toys


ba5We could also invest in typical playground equipment such as slides, swings of different designs, and monkey bars. There are stable and ergonomic spiral slides that are as good as anything we can find in the local playground while being easy to assemble. Or we could get trampolines, tennis sets for kids, baseball trainers, basketball sets, soccer balls for children, football sets for kids, ping pong sets, and many other game sets. The possibilities are endless here.

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